January 14, 2018

happy new year + 2018 goals

Oh hello there, Happy Sunday and Happy New Year! It's been a while (oops) but I am beyond excited to be back in action and (hopefully) getting back into the habit of posting here regularly.

So, every year I make goals for the upcoming year! It's actually one of my favourite things to do. I've never been one for resolutions, but the idea of coming up with a list of things you want to try, explore or achieve has always been appealing to me! Esp since I am a list enthusiast ♥

This list is a work in progress and I am sure there will be plenty more to add in the coming weeks, but for now I'm happy to share what I've got. My list is of general goals, some habits, some dreams, and some that are things to do more often or try out.

I will say this too, that there are definitely some more personal goals I don't share on my blog or social media but are things I also hope to accomplish but like to keep to myself.

2  0  1  8     G  O  A  L  S  //

Book a massage or ten (finally!)
Get new glasses
Plan a girls weekend getaway trip
Get my blog re-done and give er' a little update
Try bullet journaling
Learn a song on Ukelele
Take a dance class
Read (at least) 12 books this year
Visit Carly and meet baby Ozzy
Take some classes/courses with my work learning credit
Practice meditation
Host a games night at our house
Cook more, try new recipes
Have more dinners at home with Pete
Listen to more podcasts
Write more letters
Eat more fruits and veggies
Plan our next trip/adventure
Do all the California blog posts I've got planned!
Do more hand lettering
Start putting delicious fruit in my water
Post on "cute by jules" Instagram more often
Explore new neighbourhoods and areas of Toronto
Go to Body Blitz for a spa day
Get a manicure at Her Majesty's Pleasure
Go to the movies more often
Do something cute & creative with all the prints/photos I have
Apply to get our wedding featured on a blog (I keep saying this!)
Post on my blog more often
Re-connect with old friends and make time to see them
Back up all my IPhone & IPhoto pictures
Practice more self-care and self-love
Take time every week to relax and re-charge

After getting caught up on my favourite podcast "Happier" I am also going to do another type of goal list for the year! On the podcast, they talked about doing 18 in 2018! 18 goals + things to do this year that can be checked off once completed. So instead of saying "I want to start taking more time to read" you could say "I want to read the book of Lykke" since that can be crossed off! I really loved this idea and am going to take some items from my above list and add some more to make my 18 in 2018 list. ♥ I am excited to have lots more awesome stuff to add.

Are you setting goals or making any lists for 2018?!

December 11, 2017

mailing christmas cards + parabo press

h a p p y   m o n d a y    g o r g e o u s
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! It's been a wonderful, yet busy one for us! On Saturday night we hosted our annual Christmas party! It was so fun to celebrate the best season ever with the bestest friends. Although the party was great, I am feeling pretty happy it's over too! Now we're on to the next one!

I've got another jam packed week of Christmas events and celebrations and really tried to take Sunday to rest, get caught up on some things and re-charge (wrapped some gifts, wrote out some cards, and stayed cosy inside since it's very chilly here)

I want to talk a bit about Christmas cards, snail mail & why I still LOVE to send cards, letters and packages in the mail in the mail! I absolutely LOVE the cards we got made from Parabo Press! They are amazing. Their packaging is to die for and the cards are so lovely, and the envelopes! Ooooh baby! SO good! Can't wait to mail these out.

f i v e   r e a s o n s   t o   m a i l   c h r i s t m a s   c a r d s //
1. It's so personal to send something handwritten to someone you love to show them you care!
2. People tend to only get things like bills in the mail these days, this'll brighten their day!
3. This is a great excuse to be creative and get your own custom cards made!
4. In a world where everything is digital and on the internet, sending something real is so lovely!
5. Christmas time is the best time to show people you love them with a hand written note!

Mailing out cards is definitely a tradition of mine and in the last 4 or 5 years getting custom cards made have been my go-to move. I'm always so happy with Parabo and these photo's don't even do them justice. For more inspiration on the beautiful things you can create, follow Parabo Press on Instagram! OH  & use my code "hey10" to get $10 off your first order!

December 5, 2017

say yes diamonds + a giveaway!

it's   G I V E A W A Y   time!
Oh hi there! It's been a while since I've hosted a giveaway and I am so excited about this one ♥

I paired up with Alan from Say Yes Diamonds to giveaway once of these beautiful pastel ring boxes (ooh la la, aren't they just amazing?!)

First, I should talk a bit about why this is a special one to me and about my wedding ring(s)! So, when Pete proposed to me in Ireland back in 2015, he wanted to make sure it was a surprise for me. Since we had never talked about rings, and I had no idea what I wanted, he popped the question with his Nana's wedding ring (how sweet right?!) and he said we could make my dream ring.

Well, let me tell you - I had no idea what that ring was. I love jewellery (esp rings) and knew I wanted something unique, and fun and something that felt very "me". There's also really special about doing something custom and knowing you're the only one with that exact ring! When we met Alan he was so amazing and great to work with, and together we created those gold beauties you see below. We used some diamonds and gold from our grandmothers old wedding rings (I just love that part so much) and Alan literally brought  my dreams to life with these rings! The engagement ring is perfect and classic and I love the yellow gold too! I knew I wanted two bands (because I am extra like that, lol) and they just fit so perfectly together.

I get compliments on my ring all the time, it's actually so lovely! I meet strangers in coffee shops and stores who just admire it so much - and it's all because of Say Yes Diamonds bringing my dream to life. 

When we got married I reallllllly wanted a pretty pastel ring box but found them hard to find, especially in Canada. Well, Say Yes just did a beaaaautiful re-brand and these boxes are just perfect!

We thought it'd be fun to host a giveaway of one of the boxes for y'all! So comment here to enter and also check out my Instagram for more photo's and info.

& while you're at it, find or create your dream ring and follow Say Yes on Instagram (or perhaps send the links to your bestie or boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse etc!)
enjoy & don't let anyone dull your sparkle!

November 26, 2017

My Christmas To-Do-List!

It's the MOST wonderful timeeee of the year. ♥ Ok, can you even believe it? Christmas is less than a month away! Ooh boy it's going to be a good one. We've got a jam packed schedule of amazing things, and then on boxing day we're heading to California! ♥ Omg, so exciteddd :)

This Christmas is extra special (aren't they all!?) Because it's our first Christmas in our house! We moved in just after Christmas last year! I've done lots of decorating and this week we'll be getting our tree. I love real trees so much and am so excited to get ours and decorate it

Alright, so here it is..my Christmas to do list:
+ Get festive specials!
+ Go look at the Christmas windows at The Bay
+ Go see ELF, the musical
+ Watch Home Alone & Home Alone 2 in sequence
+ Order a plan cheese pizza ;)
+ Host our annual Christmas party
+ Have a baking day & make lots of delicious treats
+ Get a real tree & decorate it!
+ Go to the Toronto Christmas Market
+ Make our own Egg Nog! (yasss please)
+ Host our 8th annual Bestie Secret Santa at our place
+ Make our own homemade baileys
+ Do some hand lettering to Christmas quotes
+ Spread some anonymous Christmas love around Toronto
+ Go to the Evergreen Winter Market
+ Make a gingerbread house with Ivy & Jimmy
+ Do Christmas craftsssss
+ Get cute Christmas cards made
+ Volunteer over the holidays
+ Make a fresh Christmas wreath for our front door
+ Make a delicious Christmas punch
+ & Mail out lots of Christmas cards to friends & fam near and far
+ Watch alllll of my favourite Christmas movies (that's a lot)
+ Go to St.Lawrence Market
+ Make some DIY gifts
+ Drink lots of delicious hot toddies
+ Have a sleepover with the fam!
+ Go see the Christmas tree at Nathan Phillip's Square
+ Go on a Peppermint Mocha date
+ Go to some Christmas markets & craft shows
+ Go ice skating at an outdoor rink
+ Snuggle, obviously

November 14, 2017

christmas in toronto!

Oh hey! Not sure if you knew this, but I *kinda* love Christmas!

Since we're at the start of the BEST & busiest season ever, I thought it would be fun to do a little round up of fun events, markets, and happenings going on in Toronto around the holidays ♥

I've been making a list (and checking it twice, obvi) over the last few weeks of things I always love to do in Toronto, and also searching the net for some more fun stuff! So, before your calendars get fully booked as they do, take a look at all these amazing things below and make plans with lots of special people in your life. Enjoy! 'Tis the season to be jolly.

A L L   S E A S O N    L O N G //
Toronto Christmas Market - November 16th - December 23rd
Free skating at Nathan Phillips Square - Starting November 25th
One of a Kind Christmas Show - November 23rd - December 3rd
Festive Specials from Swiss Chalet - November - until probably January? (lol)

N O V E M B E R // 
Tree Lighting at The Eaton Centre - November 16th
The Toronto Santa Clause Parade - Sunday, November 19th
Cavalcade of lights -
Elf, the musical - November 21st - 26th
Hanson - "Finally, it's Christmas" show - November 24th & 25th
Pixel & Bristle Winter Market - November 25th
Bad Girls Market - November 25th
Swedish Christmas Fair - November 25th - 26th
This is Local Holiday Pop-Up Night Market - November 30th

D E C E M B E R //
Drunk Feminist Films (Die Hard) - December 2nd
City of Craft - December 8th - 10th
The Jingle Ball - December 9th
Home alone in Concert - December 1st - 2nd
Toronto I Heart Beer Festival - December 9th
The Leslieville Holiday Market - December 16th
Crown Flora Holiday Market - December 16th & 17th
The Nutcracker - December 23rd