April 16, 2018

for your rainy days!

Well, it's April 16th and it's still snowing, and freezing rain. Buttttt, here we are and as an eternal optimist I am hear to add a little sunshine into your gloomy days.

After a weekend of insane storms, crazy winds, snow, rain, hail and everything in between I had to get my sh*t together. After work today I braved the horrible weather to go get some cute af forest green rain booties, and a good, strong (and cute of course) umbrella.

// spring cleaning!
// go through those magazines you've had lying around
// read through cook books + mark some recipes to try
// do some baking
// listen to a podcast
// light some candles + meditate
// start that book you've been meaning to start
// re-arrange a room in your place to add a little spark to it
// have a movie marathon for some of your favourite flicks
// write a letter or a card (send snail mail)
// organize/go through your photos
// leave the house for a coffee (because that little break is actually so nice
// get inspired by some new blogs to follow
// listen to an old album that brings back great memories
// delete photos on your phone + laptop (+ back them up!)
// make a pot of tea, and relax with a couple cups
// buy fresh flowers (because when is this not the best idea ever?)
// colour in that cute colouring book you bought a while ago
// re-paint or spruce up an old piece of furtniture
// start a donation bag of old clothes, books, etc
// snuggle, cuddle, bundle up (live that hygge life)
// stay in your jammies all day, duh!

April 9, 2018

more happiness hacks! (from the happier podcast)

My favourite podcast to listen to is Happier by Gretchen Rubin. I listen to it at work, while I plan my happiness initiatives + plan to takeover the world and make it happier (lol)

About a year and a half ago I wrote a blog post about what I had learned so far from the Happier podcast, because as you know I am all about that happy liiiife.

I thought I'd do another round up of some great happiness hacks that the podcast has taught me. And if you don't listen to podcasts, I'm gonna say give em' a try! & definitely include Happier on your list. I was jotting down in my notebook some thoughts I heard and really loved!

// H A P P I N E S S   H A C K S :
+ Kiss in the morning and at night - This is such a simple one, but sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of life, we forget the little things like a kiss good morning and one goodnight!

+ Don't put things down, put them away - This one is so simple but I love it! I am trying to get better and putting things where they belong since it will pay off in the long run.

+ Remember love - I think we could all use a reminder about this one on the daily. Nothing says living a happy, fulfilled life than remembering love in all you do!

+ Keep a running list of your favourite things - Gretchen's daughter actually shared this one when she was on, which I just love! It was to keep a list of all your fave things, any type of thing just to document and use as a reference point! (ie: for birthday gift ideas etc!)

+ 18 for 2018 - Goals and resolutions are so fun but can be really tough, especially because they are usually such general things like "read more" but instead an 18 for 2018 can be more specific and attainable, so something more like "read one book every month for a year" would be a good example!

+ Loving actions inspire loving feelings - This is just another reason to practice random acts of kindness however and whenever we can! The more you show and spread that love, the more it will be come back to you!

+ Create a "TA DA" list - Instead of (okay, more like in addition to) a to-do list, create a "ta la" list of all the great things you've achieved and are proud of.

+ Schedule daily transcendence - I need to take my own advice here sometimes, but taking time every day to chill, meditate and enjoy those calm and quiet moments.

+ The one minute rule (do it without delay!) - I think I included this one in my last post, but it's just that good. Gretchen and Elizabeth basically explain that if to you've got one minute to do something you should just do it with that minute you've got! It's one extra thing to cross off the list!

Hope these helped spread a little love & happiness into your day/week/year!

April 2, 2018

colourful L.A.

h e l l o   m o n d a y! ( &   a p r i l )

This is one of my final California blog posts, and today I am sharing some colourful snaps from our time in L.A.! We stayed in Silver Lake, which is a super hip, cool and fun area! Out Air B&B was amaaaazing and so very cool. It had such an awesome vibe so it was fun to hang there and listen to tunes, have a few drinks and just chill. Our hosts were beyond lovely.

We knew L.A. would be wonderful and filled with cool little spots, sunshine and celebrities! So many people had told us how key it is to have a car when exploring this city, and that could definitely not be more true! I've never been to a city that was more spread out than L.A. and it actually made me appreciate Toronto even more!

Our days were spent walking around in the (perfect) sunshine, checking out coffee shops, cool stores, restaurants and so many beautiful, bright colours! One of my favourite parts of Cali in general was all the inspirational quotes everywhere and all of the bright colours.

We spent most of our time exploring Silver Lake, Echo Park and West Hollywood. Oh, annnnnd I finally got to cross off a big dream of mine! A bus tour! lolz. I always try to get Pete to do one of these when we travel, and he finally caved this time. We did a hop on hop off tour of Hollywood and it! was! so! fun!

We saw a lot of cool shit while we were in L.A. and here are just a few snaps of what we saw! Surprisingly, this is the spot I took the least amount of photos!

Check out my other Cali posts if you'd like:

Here are some sweet places we went to in Los Angeles!:

March 20, 2018

international day of happiness + first day of sping

I N T E R N A T I O N A L     D A Y     O F    
 H A P P I N E S S
Oh, hello! So today is a special day for a few reasons! First off, it's the first day of SPRING! (and I could not be more ready for warmer weather, sunshine, fresh flowers, + adventures) Today is also the international day of HAPPINESS ♥

Not sure if you knew this about me, but happiness is something I'm kinda really into. Happiness and positivity aren't just things I talk about, post about or preach, they are vital to how I live my life! Heck, I love happiness so much that I managed to have a career that focuses on it!

When I'm not blogging, crafting, hosting, instagramming or exploring Toronto - I am working in my full time role at Culture Specialist (Happiness Officer) at a company called Uberflip. My focus is on creating a fun, inclusive and exciting experience for all of our employees! It's a role that aligns all of my passions and as you can imagine I am beyonddd happy to be in it.

To learn more about my career, you can read this blog post posted by Jobbio;

How and or/why am I so happy? - Truth is, it's all I've ever really known. I grew up with two amazing, supportive, kind parents, and two of the best big brothers (ever). Just before I was 18, my Dad passed away after some complications with a non life threatening disease. As you can imagine, this turned my world upside down. I had two choices after this experience - 1) I could focus on the negative impact this had on my life, and would most definitely have in the future or 2) I could channel all (or most of) my energy into being the person my Dad taught me to be, and dedicate my life to spreading happiness to those around me (it's the least I could do)
Besides working in a role based on happiness, I try to channel that energy in my personal life. I live my best, happiest life in my favourite city ever (Toronto) with my amazing husband Pete. I feel beyond thankful to have the most wonderful family, the greatest friends, and so many opportunities to do things that make me happy like travel, celebrate, spoil my friends, go to events, be a hostess, blog, explore Toronto etc...

I hope you all get a little happier after reading my blog and following me on Instagram

I've mentioned it a few times lately, but I'm really hoping to start a podcast soon too! Yasssss. The main focus will of course be happiness. I plan to touch on work, love, friendship, and the things in life that make me happiest (in hopes they'll make you happy too!)
It seems as though I've got a lot to say on this topic (lol) so I better wrap it up. I now leave you with a few happy links to enjoy on this day of happinesssssss and first day of Spring! Check these out:

// Happier Podcast by Gretchen Rubin
// The Book of Lykke & The Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking
// The Power of Moments by Chip & Dan Health
// Magic Lessons Podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert
// 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal
// Headspace Meditation App

March 11, 2018

no plans forever!

So, if you know me, or have been following me for a while then you definitely know that I am one to really jam pack my schedule. Don't get me wrong, this is the lifestyle I love and thrive on, but this year I've been trying to schedule just as many chill, relaxing days as well.

Last weekend while updating my planner, I realized that this weekend we didn't have any plans. I was almost panicking (lol) and chatting with Pete about what we should do. We ended up deciding on making no "formal' plans but still kept busy doing some stuff on the fly.

I am definitely going to be sure to schedule more weekends like these. They are definitely good for the soul! And even though I ended up doing a lot, it was a very relaxing weekend for sure. Loveeee.

Here are some things I did ended up doing on a weekend with"no plans":
- got my nails done
- started watching season 3 of love on netflix
- watched the raptors win a huge game
- had an afternoon tea + snuggle
- caught up on some wedding planning emails
- did a new blog post
- went for a nice, long walk on queen west
- bought two new pairs of shoes (slip on vans & little booties!)
- checked out a new pizza place in the six called general assembly
- cleaned our room + started a bag for good will
- put together a package for my cousins baby to mail
- went for dinner & drinks at a new place in our hood called convenience
- + got to hang with super awesome pals last minute!
- caught up on sleep (yassss!)
- got some decor for st.patty's day next weekend
- spent some time getting caught up on some work stuff
- drank coffee + baileys
- literally chilled in my comfies reading magazines
- ate a delicious roast dinner (made by my hubby)
- wrote two cards to send via snail mail
- took some photos for instagram for this week
- watched a good (and very sad) movie wind river
- got to spend lots of time with pete and defined chill zone
- & now heading to bed early (it's technically 9pm) to read!